Investigation Services


  • Corporate & Private Investigations
  • Research  and verifications of persons
  • Trace people – Birth parent search, Missing persons
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Security Services

  • Protection of persons –V.I.P
  • Security guards
  • Property safe keeping
  • Detector tests
  • C.P.S. Patrol
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Special Team Bodyguard (STB)

Special Team Bodyguards is a new team, build up for to provide High Level Security Services to individuals. (VIP Personal Protection). This team is a continuation of Special Team Avantes Co which was established in 1992 and continues to serve each client with respect and professionalism.

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A.O. Security Training Center

According to law 125 (1) 2007 Act of the Parliament of the Republic. Anyone who wishes to work as a guard should have a Diploma Profession.
The Act provides, amongst other to make education and follow the approved program of Police which duration is 4 days, for 6 hours/day.

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Firstly allow us to welcome you to our new website!

Avantes detective and security bases its function on the fundamental principles that have emerged through the systematic and detailed study of related companies in overseas countries since 1990. Simultaneously we are cooperating with different offices in different countries abroad, which are operating in the same field having as their target to boost and carry out any kind of affair, independently from its geographical position. In the frame of this policy we are operating intensively in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and America.

Having as our main target, the provision of the most excellent service to our customers, we have founded a Special Team which focuses to provide high security of affairs, investigations and guarding not only in Cyprus but in countries abroad as well. The success of each affair that we handle, including affairs concerning the protection of people, protection of premises, buildings, ships etc. has become the axis on which our activities revolve around.

At the same time our company is involved in the field of importing and providing electronic safety equipment. We make sure that our customers will have available the latest technology. Furthermore we offer the necessary support our customers together with one year guarantee and service.

The organized structure of our company which is characterized by the assertive qualities, confidentiality and professional experience, allowed us to grow in our field as well as in the preference of the public. Furthermore the geographical position of Cyprus being a crossroad between three continent, as well as being a member of European Union have made our company a preferred partner for investigations and security services. Our established name in the market has as a result the undertaking of affairs even from the most remote cities of the world, providing at the same time the option of any foreign company to cooperate with us in the completion of any kind of affairs in Cyprus.

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