Special Team Bodyguard (STB)

Special Team Bodyguards is a new team, build up for to provide High Level Security Services to individuals. (VIP Personal Protection). This team is a continuation of Special Team Avantes Co which was established in 1992 and continues to serve each client with respect and professionalism.

Members of the S.T.B. have worked  in Cyprus as well as abroad and have accomplished very difficult missions in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and America. The team members are qualified and trained on security and self-defense. One of the member involved in the task force is an authorized Licensee Trainer and can educate all the members under the Law 125 (1) 2007 Republic of Cyprus.

Special team bodyguard in offering services for protection, as well as escort. Some of the jobs taken and accomplished are escorting businessmen, young children, Students, Lawyers, Two ambassadors of Arab countries, the former President of the USA, Industrialists, two Ministries of Foreign Countries, political, religious factors (etc).

Team members STB are qualified and trained in various specialties on Security and International Members Recognized Organizations (WAD).

Also a member of the Task Force is Authorized Licensee Trainer and educate all members on the Law 125 (1) 2007 Republic of Cyprus. In Group made other programs further education in Cyprus and New York.