A.O. Security Training Center

According to law 125 (1) 2007 Act of the Parliament of the Republic. Anyone who wishes to work as a guard should have a Diploma Profession.
The Act provides, amongst other to make education and follow the approved program of Police which duration is 4 days, for 6 hours/day.

Private lessons are provided for obtaining a license to practice and become a guardian, as well as preparing for the exams of the police.
Law N125/2007 and N, 54 (I) / 2009 arth.2.8.

The program is approved and tought by the instructor, Mr. Angelos Ouloupi in AO Training Safety Center at the European University Cyprus.

In this program first aid is instructed by a specialist trainer.

Trainees are given for free a training manual for guards which is approved by the police and written by the instructor.

Contents – Chapters
1. Safety
2. Private security services offices – legal status
3. Establishment and operation of private security service bureau
4. Guardian (requirements – tasks)
5. Researcher
6. Media
7. Security systems (CCTV, alarm systems – Fire and actions of the guard)
8. Etiquette private office security services and research and guards
9. The power to arrest
10. Cooperation with the police and other services
11. Public and private parking
12. Adjusting of traffic on private premises
13. Privacy Policy
14. Explosive materials
15. Fire and the guard
16. Earthquake and the guard

Also delivered further courses for safety and research
• Further training for security / supervisor
• Entourage – Protection (VIP)

Education program for electronic devices
• Transmitter electronic monitoring devices (bugs – transceivers)
• Detectors electronic machines antiparakolouthisis (deterrence)

Education investigator (detective)
• The training of the candidate includes theory and practice. Course done in four chapters

• For all training programs a certificate is given to the candidate.

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